M2MD Technologies, Inc. offers solutions optimized for cellular IoT that provide stronger security, reduced costs, enhanced user experience and ultimately generates higher returns for stakeholders.  Centered on a core platform of security offerings, the company develops and manages various solutions that accelerate connections to the vehicles, allow consumers to leverage their shared data plan for automotive applications and simplify the customer experience.
Communications Gateway
Shared Data Manager
Enrollment Gateway
Communications Gateway features include:   
  • Comprehensive Security - Provides stronger security that results in low overhead, saving processing time and reducing the amount of data transmitted.
  • Quick Connect - Instantly triggers a network initiated data session resulting in a better experience and lower costs by eliminating SMS and continuous data pinging.
  • Network Management – Manages circuit connections between carrier network and enterprise application servers.  
Allows Consumers to add their vehicles to an existing shared data plan.  The Shared Data Manager sorts data records for split billing between an Automaker and the Consumer thereby creating a win-win-win for Automakers, the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Consumers.  Shared Data Manager features include:
  • Consumers can add vehicles to their preferred Shared Data Plan
  • Creates revenue opportunities for local MNO
  • Supports high adoption and use of high band width telematics applications
  • Automakers can select one global MNO and SIM
Patent pending solution that uses a proprietary technique with existing vehicle electronics to positively identify a vehicle owner for telematics services enrollment.  This solution simplifies the activation process for both original vehicle owners and subsequent owners.   Enrollment Gateway features include:
  • Secure authentication and enrollment
  • Fast connections for features
  • Comprehensive security
  • Simple integration to existing process

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