Communications Gateway

The Gateway is an integrated solution providing end-to-end security and efficient connectivity for cellular IoT applications. Several patent pending solutions offer unique techniques to strengthen security, increase communications speed while reducing overall costs.
Renault Communications Gateway Demo
This M2MD demonstration shows the speed of the Communications Gateway.  The mobile app (to the right and in 1. below) simulates an end user experience while activating and enrolling in the Renault Connect telematics program.  The key feature of this demo is to highight the activation process and the speed of remote control functionality such as "Door Unlock".  The working mobile app demo will demonstrate the full user experience and control a working TCU supported by a tablet which shows the speed of the remote functionality and the integrity of the security solution.  Follow the instructions in the User Guide, 2. and 3. below, for more details.   You will need a password from the team at M2MD to experience these demos.

  1. Click on the mobile app to the right to experience the " M2MD Magic ".  This is a sumulation of the speed of the M2MD Gateway. Note:  This demo will take you to a third party site - it's safe!
  2. Click here to download the User Guide for the full M2MD Gateway demo experience.
  3. You will need a QR Code to activate the demo account.  The QR code is in the User Guide above or can be downloaded separately here .