Communications Gateway

The Gateway is an integrated solution providing end-to-end security and efficient connectivity for cellular IoT applications.  Several patent pending solutions offer unique techniques to strengthen security, increase communications speed while reducing overall costs.
End-To-End Security
The Gateway provides stronger security with low overhead, saving processing time and reducing the amount of data transmitted over the network.  The patent pending solution authenticates device credentials at each connection utilizing standard TLS 1.2 with a design optimized to run on the constrained processors used by many IoT devices.  The Gateway avoids the pitfalls of public key infrastructure and certificate operations which has been a common vulnerability exploited in recent security breaches.
Quick Connect
The Gateway instantly triggers a network initiated data session by eliminating the expensive alternatives currently used by the industry to keep data sessions active, including the continuous pinging of data and the SMS “shoulder tap.” The result is an immediate connection for the user, significantly less network traffic that reduces overall operating costs, and an extended battery life for remote devices.  
Network Management
The Gateway has pre-established data circuits with the major cloud platform providers reducing the enterprise need for circuits and manpower to operate them.  In addition to leveraging shared cloud resources, an enterprise can launch more quickly and scale more efficiently.

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